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There are a number of options to choose from when installing a new guttering system.

Depending on the needs of your property, you may require something durable and robust, whereas others focus on a more aesthetic solution.

Rooftech Care are experts in the installation and repair of each of these systems. Choosing the right option isn’t always easy, especially if you’re a novice.

uPVC gutters

Light, adjustable, cost-effective – the list advantages of uPVC gutters is practically endless. uPVC gutters (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) are the answer for those who want to align a sturdy roofline product with low maintenance and installation costs.

Unlike PVC gutters, UPVC doesn’t flex as there are no plasticisers present in the compound. This is where the rigidity of the gutter comes from, without adding to the weight of the product. The uPVC still retains enough flexibility to move in freezing weather, which will stop the roofline from splitting in cold weather.

What Rooftech Care’s uPVC guttering is renowned for are how easy they are to maintain. Cleaning the gutters is a breeze, all you need is a damp cloth and your gutters are as good as new. It’s best to clean the roofline annually to maintain the best look for your property.

To help you decide, the benefits of uPVC gutters are as follows;

  • Low-cost purchase and installation.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Light, flexible and simple to replace.
  • Scratches and marks are hard to notice.

Cast iron gutters

The natural alternative to plastic gutters is to install a longer term solution – metal gutters.

With the capacity to last for over a hundred years, metal gutters come in the form of either aluminium or galvanised steel. In each case, it’s appropriate to apply a layer of paint to the cast iron gutters, protecting them from issues such as adverse weather or leaking chemicals like zinc into the rainwater. That’s to say nothing of the rust that will damage unpainted gutters.

If the longevity of the gutter is what appeals to you most, then a galvanised steel gutter is the option to choose. Both options can be styled in such a manner that you’ll reap the benefits of a fantastic looking roofline for many years.

Is a cast iron metal gutter right for you? Let us help you decide;

  • Rigid, robust solution.
  • Ensures the rainwater will always flow where it should.
  • Only needs to be repainted every three years or so.
  • Gorgeous product, adds aesthetic value to your property.
  • Potential to never spring any leaks – if maintained properly.

So which option is best?

As you’ve discovered from the comparison above, both options have a number of benefits. With Rooftech Care’s specialist knowledge, we’ll consult with you every step of the way, making sure that you reach a decision that you’ll be happy with.

If your main concern is how simple the gutters are to install, then the uPVC gutter would be ideal.

For those who are more concerned with a longer-term option that’s strong with aesthetic appeal, then the cast iron metal gutter is best.

In either case, contact us today on 01592 664 185 to speak to our guttering experts.

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