Tiled Roofs

Tiled Roofs in Scotland

Durable, easy to install and cost-effective – tiled roofs can be the perfect solution for your roofing needs.

There are those who are of the opinion that a roof is a dry, boring, dull product with very few available options. How wrong those people are. Whether it’s EPDM rubber roofing, fibreglass roofing or felt roofing, there are options to suit everyone.

Why would I need a tiled roof?

First and foremost, tiled roofs will last for years. Many, many years. It’s hugely important as there are many of us who don’t want to be tinkering with their roof every few years. Estimates will vary from different manufacturers but it’s reasonable to expect a tiled roof to last upwards of fifty years.

Then there’s the style. Once you’re satisfied with how long tiled roofs will last, it’s appropriate to consider how it will impact the look and feel of your property. In this case the style will come from the tiles themselves – with a whole host of options to choose from. You’ll be able to select concrete or clay tiles, or perhaps something a bit more exotic. The tiles roof specialists at Rooftech Care will discuss your options with you, and we’ll be happy to help you make your decision.

Like any other industry, innovations are happening all the time. The roofing industry is no different and new developments are being made with lightweight tiles that are fire-resistant and rot-resistant. Rest assured that Rooftech Care are at the forefront of the industry, keeping on top of all best practices and how they are evolving.

Maintenance and upkeep

For all of the benefits associated with tiled roofs, there are some key considerations to ensure that your tiled roof runs smoothly.

As durable and long-lasting as the tiled roof is, the underlayment which the tiles rest upon requires ongoing maintenance. Here at Rooftech Care, we advise that this underlay is renewed every decade, with certain roofs being evaluated every five years. It’s critical to do this to prevent the roof from leaking, with our specialists removing and then reapplying your tiles once the work is completed.

Roof tiles can be expensive, especially if you have a highly customised product. Naturally it’s a disaster if your tiles break, especially when it could have been prevented. The Rooftech Care specialists will brief you on the best ways to keep your roof secure, and how often you should have it looked at.

To discuss how you could benefit from a tiled roof, contact us today on 01592 664 185.

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