Brick, Stone & Mortar Pointing

In dramatic cases, the failure to maintain the pointing of a building can result in the structure falling down – literally.

What exactly is pointing?

Worried? You needn’t be. Rooftech Care are experts in all aspects of pointing including brick, mortar and stone repointing. Pointing refers to the mortar between the stone or bricks in the walls of the house. Older buildings are particularly vulnerable to pointing errors which can seriously jeopardise the structural integrity.

Rooftech Care are vastly experienced at this, with in-depth knowledge of the subtle factors that can completely change a job. One example would be the cavity in your walls. Houses built using lime mortar have solid walls – meaning that there will be no cavity. This effectively dictates what we need to do to your walls.

Aren’t there problems with damp?

In certain cases, yes. However rising damp in an old house can be brought about by having the wrong pointing treatment applied. This traces back to the first time cement mortar is used to repoint an old house, confirming that the wrong treatment can be the death knell for your property.

There’s no better example of the importance of having the best trained team of experts assist you. There’s always the temptation to cut costs by having a less experienced technician do the work, but it’s too big of a risk to take. Remember that a lot of the damage that pointing faults cause is irreparable.

Rooftech Care have spoken to many, many customers who relied on supplies from a builders merchant and an under skilled tradesman – only for disaster to ensue.

PointingSo what’s the solution?

Repointing at Rooftech Care is a straightforward process because we know the best methods in addition to using the right ingredients.

In today’s roofing industry, lime mortar is the accepted standard. Crucially there has to be no use of Portland cement as an ingredient. When speaking to friends or family members who have had similar pointing work done, it’s easy to be given false information. In the simplest terms, Rooftech Care only use the ingredients which will get the job done.

Chimney repair actually requires additional the additional strength which pointing provides. For old houses however, they have to have the capacity to move, which requires the pointing to be flexible enough to move with it. Cracks in the pointing can actually heal due to the presence of lime mortar. Whilst cement is unfit to use, lime mortar actually draws in moisture from the environment to heal itself.

Don’t wait until your pointing problems get worse. Contact our sales team today on 01592 664 185, or send us an email .

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