Flat Roofs

Flat Roofs in Scotland

Anyone who’s owned a structure that has had flat roofs will be aware of the litany of problems they can suffer from.

It’s close to a guarantee that flat roofs will require a repair at some stage. Even well-built flat roofs can expect a repair after five years.

In the simplest terms, the roof’s flat structure makes it vulnerable to leaks. The repairs for these are straightforward, but if you turn a blind eye, you’ll be looking at a more complex and expensive repair. Therefore it’s best to contact a specialist roofing contractor like Rooftech Care immediately after spotting a leak.

Best way to tackle leaks on flat roofs

Similar to any other type of roof repair, it’s best to be proactive and deal with a problem from the outset. In the roofing industry, prevention is always better than the cure.

When leaks happen it’s possible to keep patching the troubled area, however this will progressively become more expensive, with the total cost becoming far more than that of a complete repair from the outset.

Best practice always involves having a roofing expert investigate the problem first-hand. Rather than applying a simple patch to your ceiling and walls, the experts will want to prevent more water from accessing your property by sealing your vents and pipes. Only when the professionals are confident that your roof is protected will they increase the roof’s durability by applying a further rubber treatment to the roof’s surface.

Flat roofs – what we do

There are many reasons why you should speak to Rooftech Care about the repair of flat roofs. The last thing anyone wants is to get a cheap contractor to do a bad job that will require fixing all over again.

Rooftech Care can give you the confidence that your work will be handled professionally and competently. Amongst the many reasons to speak to us are;

  • Free estimation
  • Free expert advice
  • Repairs on all flat roofs and felt roofs
  • Firestone rubber products
  • Highest standard of workmanship
  • 10 year written warranty on all new roofs
  • Affordable prices
  • Minimal disruption to your property

For the best advice on a flat roof repair, contact us today on 01592 664 185.

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