Chimney Repairs

Chimney Repairs in Scotland

Chimneys are no different to the other areas of roof repair. They need to be maintained and repaired frequently, but chimney repairs can be prevented through regular cleaning or fitting a chimney cap.

As the years go by, your chimney will become more susceptible to damage. Rooftech Care have years of experience with chimney repairs in Scotland, and have satisfied customers all over the country.

Chimney repairs – what can go wrong?

Considering the functions that chimneys perform and where they’re located, there are a number of issues that can bother you. Blockages are an obvious hindrance, however slight they may be. Our chimney repairs specialists have vast experience in the diagnosis and fixing of these.

Downdraught is another common problem that requires expert repair. As the name implies, downdraught is a problem where the chimney allows wind to blow downwards and into your home. It’s an issue as it can blow either hot or cold air into the living room, depending on the season. Your heating bills can obviously be impacted by this, so it’s best to tackle the root problem.

Rooftech Care have fixed a countless number of chimneys in the area, and have the proven expertise to fix yours.

The tools we use for chimney repairs

We use a number of techniques to address chimney problems. Our specially trained technicians will operate camera equipment, tailored to identify the most common faults that chimneys succumb to.

In other cases it’s appropriate that we undertake a full survey of the chimney. In every instance our staff will make sure that you’re aware of what we’re doing, what the problem is and how we intend to fix it.

Rooftech Care only employ staff who are appropriately trained and registered due to the considerable legal requirements they must have. This in turn will give you the confidence that you’ve engaged the best company in Rooftech Care, with the most qualified experts to do the work.

Consequences of chimney failure

When structural problems occur, your property is exposed to a variety of risks, some of which can be deadly.

The chimney’s brickwork should be surveyed at appropriate intervals. If it fails, then depending on the type of property, you risk deadly fumes entering other rooms in the house.

Likewise when gaps appear in the structure, pests and vermin like birds, rats and mice can make their way inside. There are recommended products available to act as a guard against these animals. If you choose to fit the wrong products as they’re cheaper – the chimney may be condemned.

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