Bitumen Felt Flat Roofing

Bitumen felt flat roofing in Scotland

Bitumen felt flat roofing plays an important role in keeping your home or structure secure.

Rooftech Care are fully equipped to install your felt roof to the highest possible standard. With expert knowledge of what the job entails, you’ll be completely satisfied with the work we do – from start to finish.

Bitumen felt flat roofing structure

Comprised of several layers of felt materials, the structure succeeds in forming an impenetrable barrier, protecting you from leaks. Whilst that forms the base of the protection, the Rooftech Care specialists will apply a waterproof coat to the felt, stopping moisture from seeping into the layers below.

The layered structure rests upon a deck made from either timber or concrete. When the time comes to apply the felt to the roof, our specialists will roll it across the rooftop, sealing it in place with a choice of appropriate adhesives. We’ll consult with you on the specifics as each roof will require a different approach.

The roofing industry keeps developing newer and more innovative techniques relating to the composition and application of felt flat roofs.

Application methods of Bitumen felt flat roofing

Based on what your job requires, our specialists will have a choice of techniques at their disposal. As a rule, the size of your roof will dictate the best approach.

For a smaller roof, it’s best to use a torching application to fuse everything together. It’s an alternative to using an outright adhesive as that’s not required. Torching is also suitable for flat roof repairs where only partial work needs to be done. As there’s no need to access the foundation layers of the roof – or the deck they rest on – it’s a straightforward procedure.

Pour & roll is the alternative, where bitumen is heated to over 200°C and literally poured onto the felt as it’s rolled across the rooftop. When the bitumen cools, you’re left with a comprehensive bonding solution, adaptive to whatever the weather can throw at it.

If you need Bitumen felt flat roofing to repair your roof, contact Rooftech Care on 01592 664 185 today!

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